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Storage Media Destruction

Sensitive Information Hard Drive and Backup Media Destruction

As State and Federal regulations have become more stringent around the disposal of electronic media that may contain sensitive information, the ability to insure proper destruction of this media has grown in importance. The Boyd Data Center is pleased to support this life cycle end of sensitive information storage media with a new destruction service.

The process is easy to complete and inexpensive. Complete data destruction form. Bring the media and the form to the Boyd Data Center. Staff will register the receipt of the media and within 5 to 7 business days you will be emailed a certificate of destruction.

If you would like to utilize this service, please contact Chris Fleming at or 706-542-0189

Boyd Data Center Hosting Services Contact Information

Submit a Storage Media Destruction service request Tier 1: EITS Help Desk ( – (706)542-3106 Tier 2: George Veeder, IT Manager – (706)542-7998,

Updated: 10/22/2021