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Teams Phone

Teams Phone is a cloud-based phone system by Microsoft, which allows users to place, receive, and transfer calls from the Microsoft Teams application.

For more information about Teams Phone, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Support for Teams Phone is comprised of designated representatives from the client and EITS.

The Departmental Telephone Representative (DTR) is responsible for coordinating implementation and operational use of Teams Phone for the client. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Initiate and oversee the onboarding process, coordinate departmental requirements with EITS Telephone Services via the Teams Phone Onboarding Request.
  • Initiate and oversee changes to the department’s Teams Phone setup via the Add/Change Teams Phone Service Request including (but not limited to):
    • Removing Phone Service from users when they leave the department
    • Activating Phone Service for new users
    • Moving physical Phone sets to new rooms/locations
    • Making changes to Auto Attendants and Call Queues
  • Ownership and management of MyIDs created for the department’s Shared Devices
  • Provide Tier 1 support for the department including:
    • Directing users to available user guides
    • Helping users locate/download and sign in to the Teams Client on their computer and/or the Teams app on their mobile device
  • Coordinate with Departmental Network Liaison (DNL) for inquires requiring more advanced technical assistance.
  • Submit Teams Phone Support Requestfor inquires beyond the scope of DTR and DNL responsibilities.
  • Conduct annual review of existing Teams Phone use within the department to validate accuracy as part of the annual MOU renewal initiated by EITTS.

The Departmental Network Liaison (DNL) is responsible for providing technical support of Teams Phone for the client.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with the DTR and users in the department to provide advanced technical support Tier 2 support including:
    • Internet Access
    • Connectivity issues
  • For non-NSP Gold Support members, tag vLAN (1051) down to the building switches

EITS is responsible for managing the Teams Phone service for all units on campus.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure IP ranges are in place for physical handsets
  • Procurement of licenses, lines, and equipment necessary to provide Teams Phone service to the department
    • Note: This does not include procurement of headsets.
  • Assign/remove phone numbers for service
  • Make changes to Auto Attendants and Call Queues and provide usage reports upon request
  • Maintain and provide training materials and user guides to DTRS and DNLs
  • Provide annual list of users and services to departments for the DTR’s annual review
  • Provide Tier 3 support that requires senior technical expertise and/or engagement with Microsoft
  • For NSP Gold Support members, provide network support to the phone set

The University of Georgia has entered a one-year non-exclusive, non-transferable software licensing agreement with Microsoft to use certain Teams Phone products and services.  While a portion of the overall cost of providing UGA Teams Phone service is covered by EITS on an annual basis, clients will be responsible for the remainder of the cost for providing the service.

  1. The current EITS rates for Teams Phone line rates, service, and equipment are posted on the EITS Cost Recovery website. 
  2. Starting in Spring 2024, clients will have the option to onboard to Teams Phone in place of their current telephone solution. Onboarding requests may be submitted through our Service Catalog, and EITS will engage with the client to provide guidance on implementation.
  3. By April of each year, EITS will work with existing Teams Phone clients to review and ensure current service and line rate counts are accurate for the next fiscal year. During the annual reviews, the client may request a reduction in services and line rates for the upcoming fiscal year.
  4. No services or line rates shall be granted for a limited time frame. Services and line rates must be purchased for the full or remainder of a fiscal year with no exceptions.
  5. To reduce administrative burden, client may purchase or keep “open services” and “open calling plans” to use later. Once a new user is identified, DTRs should request updates using the Add/Change Teams Phone Service form.
  6. At any time, additional new users for current clients can onboard with prorated pricing via the add/change form.
  7. Clients will be billed for their Teams Phone Service on a quarterly basis for the line rates and services that they have agreed to in their initial MOU. The initial MOU will also include a one-time charge for any equipment purchased. The quarterly billing schedule is provided below.
  • April 15: Bill for April through June
  • July 15: Bill for July through September
  • October 15: Bill for October through December
  • January 15: Bill for January through March

Any client onboarded on or after the 15th day of the month will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of that month in the next billing cycle.

  1. If the client does not sign the annual renewal MOU in April, EITS reserves the right to deactivate Teams Phone until the MOU is signed and we are able to submit billing for the licenses being used.

Tier 1 support for Teams Phone is provided by the client’s Departmental Telephone Representative (DTR).

Tier 2 support for Teams Phone is provided by the client’s Departmental Network Liaison (DNL).

Tier 3 support is provided by EITS by submitting a support request.

Support articles can be found on our Knowledge Base. A training Powerpoint is also available for anyone needing assistance in using Teams Phone.